Online Training for the Whole Family

We offer an array of online classes for those families who are still social distancing that provides the best martial arts experience for you and your child.

Kids Ages 5 and up

Personal Instruction

  • Instructors work with each child, individually throughout each class
  • Your child will feel like they are receiving a private lesson
  • Children are rewarded monthly based on attendance, practice and skill development

Classes are Fun

  • We make every class exciting and enjoyable to keep your child engaged and learning
  • Interactive games and drills make the hard work go by fast
  • Instructors are highly trained to help your child improve focus and discipline in a playful, yet respectful environment

Advance in a Traditional Martial Art

  • Children learn traditional Okinawan Karate from the comfort of your living room
  • Rank structure and awarding of such will help your child build goal-setting skills and life skills
  • Once you feel safe sending your child back indoors for regular training, they will be able to pick right up where they left off and continue advancing in this traditional art while maintaining their rank

Adults and Teens

Get in the Best Shape of your Life!

  • Build lean muscle and drop some of those unwanted pounds!
  • Improve your flexibility and coordination!
  • Take your cardiovascular conditioning to the next level!
  • Increase your strength, speed, explosiveness and muscle endurance!

Change your Body – Feel like an Athlete and Look Like One!

  • Feel energized and increase your performance at work and at school! 
  • Experience better quality rest and sleep well after practices!

Reduce your Stress Level!

  • Enjoy training in a beginner-friendly, relaxed environment!
  • Join a great network of individuals, and be a part of our “gym family”!

Boost your self-confidence and achieve more outside the gym!

  • Develop your discipline and focus and drive yourself to new levels of performance!
  • Build mental toughness and a work ethic that will give you the edge in all fields of endeavor!